Some parameters are changing itself.

  • Hello! Look!!

    ive had ti keyboard(5octave) and now i have TI2 also keyboard(also 5 octave) and this problem happens. i turn it on and start to play, then TI makes few randomise moves like not with everything just with few parameters. you want me to make video of this? maybe then you will see/ i am virus fan and digging it for many years now. know every hole in this synthesiser. so this happens even when nothing is pluked and only the headphones.

    What should i do?

    Dear Nickolay Golutvin,

    Dear Kolya,
    This is not a known issue at all. If this happens also with the TI2 not being connected to another Midi device or a computer via USB, then I can't exclude this being a hardware issue with this unit. The only thing that puzzles me is that you experienced the same with the TI keyboard, which only can be a bad coincident.

    Best wishes,
    Jörg Hüttner

    so yes , maybe it is even randomising itself, like if i even dont touch the keyboard. i can check it. but is happening if you think this is hardware and i have to gpo to shop and change this maschine? or is hardware

    i checked it now and exactly as you said. it is not abt keyboard. just i tur virus on i did not touched keyboard and it showed me immedeatly "osc semitone" and "osc wave select" changed...

    so what is this?

    Dear Nickolay Golutvin,

    Have you tried resetting the unit already? Please unplug your TI from the computer, unplug it from power and also take the power supply out of the power socket. Also remove any other cable going from/to the Virus TI.
    Next plug back only the power supply into the TI and the power supply back into the power socket. Then reset the unit by holding down the ARP EDIT button for a few seconds while the unit is in standby mode. Whenever this is done and the TI has booted up correctly, connect it back to the computer and try it again.

    With best regards,

    Joerg Huettner
    Access Music Tech Support

    i tried, and now lfo 3 rate jumped itself.

    i ve tried everything.



    so i wait for final reply. now i will send one more mail. where i will mark that MANY people have this problem. and i suppose much more even never noticed it yet ....

  • And also look im not the only one guy who have this problem . People on Access forum also have same problem. so last time the problem is....all cabels unpluged , nothing , i turn on my virus and it is ok but then suddenly screen shows that some of parameters was changed(osc ballance,osc semitone,osc wave select, lfo 3 rate) i touched nothing. i have last os you have on your official website.

    what you advice me to do?

    also i mark once again. as i puted os 4 on my previous TI (was also keybord just not TI2 it was just TI i bought 3 years ago) this problem was also there, sometimes i was playing and ooops!!! sound changed a bit!!!! itself, i did not thinked abt it b4 as a problem so i just changed to other preset and then changed to the one was b4 and it was ok. now i feel that i dont like that some maschine makes something behind my back you know) im always playing live with virus is my favourite keyboard instrument (asides Rhodes Mark2 and WurliTzer that i also have at home))))

    please tell me what to do . i am really worried abt my upcoming shows.

    with great respect to genious engineers and all Access family

    Kolya Golutvin



    my last message

  • Dear Nickolay Golutvin,

    Dear Nickolay,
    The forum thread
    actually shows this is not a wide-spread problem. The other customer
    sent his unit to repair and comparing the amount of TI users out there
    with so far 2 people with this problem (the other customer and you)
    shows this problem is unique.
    Again the TI does not change parameters
    on its own and it shouldn't. If this happens I simply can't exclude the
    unit having an issue, otherwise we definitely would have way more
    feedback from other users, which is definitely not the case.

    Jörg Hüttner

  • Many thanks Furious for posting the messages. All I can say is that it is NOT normal that the parameters are changing. Imagine you play a live gig and suddenly the sound changes. This will ruin your show! In February I was on the Depeche Mode concert in Düsseldorf (Germany) They had 3 Virus TI2. Imagine again, the 3 synths have had parameter changes! ;(
    Have you still warranty on your synth. I would send it for a repair. Nobody can live with the parameter changes.

  • Me too...

    Maybe becouse i am from Russia =)

    Actually i have a way to change my TI2 keyboard (witch is on warranty) on another Virus TI2 keyboard (also on warranty)

    so i change and put OS4 and see what will happen.

    if this will happen again.

    i will be very upset and write there another message.

  • Yes, fingers crossed!!!!

    Perhaps you can help me and try something out for me with your TI2 Keyboard? That would be nice!
    Above I described the following:

    The problem is: The mod wheel makes parameter changes.
    For example: Choose a sound which you can modify strongly with the mod wheel, that your hear the changing of the sound better.
    Best example is: RAM A5 PhatlandBC.
    If you push the mod wheel down, the mod wheel doesn't affect the sound (no vibrato).
    If you push the wheel up, you can hear the modified sound (vibrato).
    Now let the mod wheel in the upper position and choose another soundpatch with the value buttons and directly go back and choose the soundpatch (RAM A5) which you had before again.
    With this action you should have the sound which is not modified by the mod wheel (no vibrato) but be sure the mod wheels position is up and never touch it.
    Now wait a few minutes (it could also happen in a few seconds) and the mod wheel will change the soundparameters to the value of the wheels position.
    Now the sound has vibrato again wihout touching the mod wheel.

    I hope you understand everything and can try it for me???
    Many thanks in advance!

  • yes i understand...and this is same kind of "sickness" that my virus have. some "unique" bug. what to say...let me see if i change my virus and IF all will be cool, then you will have to do same...what to do...and tell me you have OS4? last one? and was same problem b4 with old os?

  • Oh yes, I have OS 4.05 installed. I didn't get the chance to test an older OS.
    OS 4.0.0 was already installed when I bought my Virus.
    Can I downgrad the OS to 3.0 without problems?

    Have you tested enough? You don't have this problem with the mod wheel?

  • hi,

    we know about this issue and provide a fix pretty soon.
    there is a workaround:
    - push the [config] button
    - locate the entry "knob behaviour" by pushing [< parameters >] button
    - set "response" parameter to "snap"

    thanks for your patience.

    cheers, oliver