Multi mode: share assignable knobs between parts?

  • hi all guys :)

    well, i would like to know if is possible to control more parts in multimode by the same controller.
    An example: a multi with 2 parts and both the sounds have knob 1 set to control the cutoff...but when i turn the knob i can control only the cutoff of the part selected...instead of modwheel or pitchbend that work for all parts. There is a way to do this?

    thanks in adavance!

  • i once asked if remote mode could be set up to control the virus in multimode like a performance mode with editing in vc but no one saw the advantage and the thread went dead

  • remote mode with a midi loop back in multi mode
    as long as you set up the parts with the same channel number this "should work"
    but is more of an arse about than a workaround

  • I would certainly like to be able to have more universal soft knobs in multi mode (perhaps accessible separately from the per part ones) rather than relying on the capabilities of my controller keyboard (which are non-existent) or whatever.