Access Virus TI3 - when?

  • As Virus TI1 owner I would like to know if Access plans to release Virus TI3 in near future, possible this winter? Is it a good time to sell my 3 years old synth before the prices go down and start saving money for the new generation of Virus TI line? :)

  • HI mate.

    This is from Wikipedia so i thought this might help a bit

    "The Access Virus is a German made synthesizer which employs various synthesis techniques (currently VA, Subtractive, PD, FM and Wavetable(Ti) synthesis) which was first produced in 1997 and has since been upgraded frequently, with the company releasing new models about every two years. The latest of these are the Access Virus TI, Polar TI and Snow models. The first two were released in November 2005, while the Snow was released in February 2008. Currently, there is also a new version called TI2 which came out in March 2009"

    Going by there history they might release a Virus TI 3 in 2011 or maybe even 2013

    So i wouldn't hold your breath mate.

  • I hope it doesn't come out before 2013 :P Or I already know I won't be able to afford it. Besides that, the TI is already unparalleled. When it comes to sound and possibilities I'd only put Waldorf and Clavia to this very high level.

  • But.....but.... we all DIE in 2012 ;(

    :love: I will caress my TI2 Polar until then, whenever the damn thing arrives :pinch: It's been 3 weeks!!

  • Matt, the children must know! ;( We can't keep it from them, any longer. They must haz the truth, Virus TI3 will be available, once cavemen invent the oscillating wheel! :thumbsup: