My Guitar Amp Simulators do not match the quality of my Virus TI.

  • The Virus as a virtual analog synthesizer is too high quality and far beyond the sound quality of anything else in my home studio (except for maybe my eventide rack unit and as well as my superior 2 drum kits). But I own all the main guitar simulator plug-ins on the market (Pod Farm 2, Amplitube 3, Guitar Rig 4, TH1, Peavey Revalver, , and have tried eleven, and all the other ones...etc) and none of them matches the high fidelity and overall quality of the Virus TI. And the Virus TI is not analog, it is all digital modeling of analog - but even better sounding than analog - like hyper-realistic analog or something).

    I am confused.. why can't i have the same quality in my electric guitar modeling as I do with my Virus TI synth?

    Can anyone please recommend me a digital solution for electric guitar for any possible guitar amp modeling product that would sound just as high fidelity so that it can match up well with my Virus TI modeling of analog synths quality? Because for my music i use electric guitar a+ virus + S2. But even with the best A/D conversion, there is no guitar plug-in that sounds good enough for a DI connection. I just got ampltube 3 because it is supposed to be the best but it is still noticeably below the sound fidelity of the Virus. Is there maybe a hardware equivalent in quality for electric guitar or does this not exist? I own a Pod X3 rack unit, but this is made of very cheap components and it is only a back-up for guitar amps live. It is a little bit too low end for me to use on an album release.