OSC Edit Common on the hardware (solved)

  • I had never really noticed it until today: can't you access the "oscillator common edit" on the hardware any more? The menu where you set the init phase and the env>osc2 amount etc etc...It is there in the Virus Control, I know I can set a soft knob to control init phase (but I really wouldn't want to) and I think I had seen that particular menu in some earlier TIOS.
    Sorry if this is a stupid question but I didn't find it in the manual: I need/would like to be able to set these values straight from the hardware, for example as they're required in ring modulated sounds that need to sound the same way at every key press, since I don't always use the Virus Control for sound design (hw interface is way more inspiring).

    Thanks :)

  • The power of the posting: I was doing something extremely stupid and the menu IS where it should be, right there selecting OSC1 and pressing OSC EDIT twice (sub oscillator + common)