New patch sets by Richard Devine and Chicago's Electro Rockers VTG

  • About Richard Devine's set:
    This new signature set by the Atlanta based Glitchcore/IDM artist Richard Devine takes your Virus TI to extreme and new territories. Richard’s passion for noise, dirt and distortion can easily be recognised though all his sounds. Many sounds alter drastically with changing the MIDI note pitch although the actual pitch remains nearly the same. Also many sounds evolve over time and can be greatly modified with the preassigned soft knobs.

    About VTG:
    The Signature Electro Patch set by San Francisco based Electro Rock producer & performer, VTG. Here's what he has to say: "I really wanted a nasty sound bank for my Virus, something that made the woofers shake, something that had LOTS of great modulation and LFO usage... So I set forth to create a dirty, Electro (somewhat Industrial) patch set for the Virus... I did a lot of work w/ the Matrix and the LFOs so be sure to play excessively with the soft knobs on the virus when you use these patches! There’s dubstep-esque basses, nasty little arps, raunchy electro leads and ghostly ambient pads included in the bank." VTG has remixed XLover, the Deftones and many others. He is also a member of Electro House band, Dancefloor Executives.

    Both sets can be found here:

    best, marc

  • hi there,
    this is my first time i download patches....
    i downloaded it, copied it to the given location.
    i have a mac, Virus TI Snow and i use logic...
    when i launch the program, open virus, but cannot find the new patches...
    are they not separated from the old ones? are they among the others? how can i find them?
    thanks a lot....

  • hi all

    do you think, it is a problem, that Acces Music is in Application folder on my computer, instead of Application Support? The readme file says, it stands at /Library/Application Support/Access Music/Virus TI/Patches.

    thank you all

  • wow... i cant believe all these free amazing banks that come from Access (and also from Spectrasonics also for free in the updates to Omnisphere and Trilogy) - always free!.

    and yet Native Instruments has the nerve to make all patches for their very low grade Massive synth as 'soundpacks' costing upwards of $60. (from their own website, I am not talking about other sellers.) I can't think of anything more arrogant.

    NI is all just about the money. I am glad Access and Spectrasonics make the patches on their website for free.

    And also strange considering that Reaktor ensembles are free in the NI user area - ensembles which can sound even better than Massive with even better signal to noise ratios.