Hi please info cant use external midi keyboard with ti2 desktop standalone

  • Hi im using a vitus ti 2 desktop with a axiom 25 controller, i connected via midi, and checked the global midi channel on both virus and axiom, but i cant get it working, only in daw cubase or logic i can get sound, and only with VC turned on, any ideas what could be the problem?

    i already set the axiom midi out on, and in global channel 1 same as virus, still no sound

  • First you want to check if the virus is receiving midi messages - if there is a little note in the bottom right when you press a key, then its a volume thing BUT if there is nothing:

    Is the virus still in USB mode? sometimes it will stay in this mode even after you close your DAW - there was a time when i had to delete the VST in the project before closing my DAW otherwise turning off the virus would blue screen my pc.

    You might want to make sure that the midi out is working, too, im not so familiar with the axiom, but if you have something else with a midi input it might be worth trying that to make sure....

    More ideas to follow if i have any...