LFO custom waveform?

  • Hello to everyone!

    i want to know if there exists a possibility to create my own lfo waveform to make some custom rhythmic movement? For novadays electronic music is a quite useful thing. Maybe it is possible to do it in vst mode? or no posiibility like this?

  • At the moment it is not possible (you can, however, use any of the "extra" waves of classic mode as lfo - some of them are really interesting and you can "zoom" in the waveform via contour) - while you're using a daw, the other possibility is automation.

  • thank you friends, but i am talking mostly about a bass sound, dub step or drumnbass complex lfo movement, for instance, best and most friendly lfo interface i've ever touched was massive lfo interface, but sound is not so cool for me, so i am looking for this new feature in new os or in new access instrument. (i heard access is prepearing something absolutely new for next year =) ;)