Help me make some filthy, guttural, and grimey dubstep wobbles please!

  • Hi all,

    I'm really a first time producer, but long time recording engineer and drummer. I just picked up a Virus Polar and wanted to start making some, you guessed it, Dubstep. I've read millions of threads on how to make wobbles with massive or albino but haven't come across too much with people using the virus.

    The kind of super heavy, grimey, and gutural sound I'm looking for is that of what you hear with Borgore, Nero, Tomba, Downlink, etc. If anyone has any advice for me that would be great! For all those who own a virus know, it can be a bit overwhelming at first especially for someone just starting production.

    Up until now I I have been mainly working in studios as well as with bands and artists as a recoding/mixing engineer. It however has taken so much of my time I haven't played in bands or made any of the music I love so I have decided to start making music again. I am more of the Death Metal kind of guy and that is the reason I am trying to create a more guttural sound rather than your generic wobble to incorporate my live drums with.

    I guess as a reference track, the song Guided Relaxation Dub by Borgore is along the lines of what I am more or less wanting to do. I'm really trying to get that guttural YOY YI YI YAA sound if that makes sense. If you have some first hand experience with the virus and have some relative advice, again, I thank you ahead of time!

    Oh, and if anyone has any cool wobble patches to share that'd be awesome as well! Thanks!