How do i factory reset my virus b?

  • I can't understand that. I just LOVE peeking at other people's patches and memory banks. You can find hidden treasures and learn a lot by breaking down interesting sounds. I would recommend (1) If there is not a single init patch to be found then make your own and store it somwhere, but only one (you don't need more). (2) Backup the existing sounds and overwrite them only when REALLY needed.

  • There's also a way to reset the Virus b series units without resetting the RAM Banks: simply hold down ONLY the LFO1 SHAPE button for a few seconds while pushing the power button. This will only reset the global parameters and it will leave the sounds untouched.

    Best wishes,
    Jörg Hüttner

  • Thank Jorg, I came across this option after the factory reset.

    Flabberbob - good call storing the existing patches from a second-hand unit; best of both worlds!

    FYI I was doing a reset as I wanted it to feel like I had bought a new one. What I didn't realise at the time is that the factory reset gives you a copy of Bank C in Bank A and a copy of Bank D in Bank B, so there's no point really. I have other synths that offered different patches in the user banks from a factory reset ("factory-user patches" for lack of a better term), which is what I was expecting.

    Anyway, I am two weeks into what I expect is a lifelong relationship with my Virus :)