TI Polar sound input/recording in Logic Pro

  • Hi guys,

    I realize this is somewhat of an über-noob question, but as I've just recently migrated from Cubase to Logic and got myself a TI Polar (updated to the very latest public beta), I hope you can help me out with what I suppose should be a rather straightforward setup.

    Effectively, what I want to do is this:

    * Use the sequencer multimode of the Polar for MIDI recording/playback in Logic. This, I've managed to get working just fine.

    * Use the Polar's audio input(s) to record external audio (vocals, other synths, etc). I've now spent literally 48 hrs trying to get this to work, alas to no real avail. I would appreciate if anyone would be kind enough to provide me some step-by-step info on how to get this going (both on the Polar as well as in Logic), as I'm sure this can't be too difficult to setup. ?(

    * Use the Polar's audio outputs to connect to external amplifier for monitoring.

    Many, many, MANY thanks in advance!