Virus TI and my new mouse

  • Hi All,

    Im not sure whats going on here but since I got my new usb mouse I cant have both my virus and mouse working at the same time.

    If I try to turn on my virus whilst the mouse is working, it will come up as a problem with the virus in device manager... If I then disable my usb mouse in device manager and try the virus, it will fire up without the error.

    Its the same the other way round - If the virus is on first it will work fine, if i then try and enable my usb mouse it will not work correctly until I first turn off my virus and then disable then enable the mouse.

    Im running windows 7 32 bit and I have a total of 3 things plugged in via usb - The Virus, the mouse (logitech MX518 ), and my cubase dongle and no usb hubs....

    Does anyone know what the issue could be?

    P.S. I also have a liquid mix plugged in via firewire but dont know if that even has an effect on it?

    Virus TI1 Keyboard

  • Thanks for the quick reply.

    During my lengthy session of messing around I tried my mouse in quite a few different ports, I also tried it in the usb ports that are on the front of my PC - Same result.

    One thing I didn't do was change the port of the virus, as I have read somewhere this shouldn't be done.

    In this instance would it be a good idea to possibly uninstall the virus software from the PC and reinstall it, but plugg the virus into a different usb slot?

    Im guessing the usb bandwidth is getting eat up by something, or my psu aint got enough juice power everything?