Couple of questions regarding virus b

  • I recently purchased an access virus b, and have been having alot of fun with it... ive sort of got to grips with the lfos etc, but am still pretty clueless about multitimbral... ive messed about a bit, and had one midi track playing 3 different sounds... what im wondering is, can i have one midi channel control one part, and another midi channel control another within the same multi patch? How would the virus need to be hooked up for this (im using ableton live)... also, is it not possible to edit the arpeggiator settings in multi mode?

    another question, when i got the virus, definable 1 was set up to delay and definable 2 to reverb... somehow ive messed this up, can anyone tell me how to assign these again...

    when i turn it on it displays os 4.5, there are 7 banks of presets (A-G)... im not sure if these are presets that come on the virus as default, can anyone tell me how many presets it has without any additional ones?

    also, how does one install new presets or soundbanks onto the synth? or upgrade the os for that matter?

    hope someone can help