Remove Virus component and everything works normal. Any suggestions needed.

  • Hi All,

    I have been through Virus support for the past month to no avail.
    My problem is simple. Since all the latest updates (Virus 4+, OSX 10.6+, Logic 9.2+) the virus AU component gives me spinning ball on most occasions in the following instances:

    Save selection as in audio window
    Open my template. Open new, close, don't save and open the same template.

    Remove the virus ti components from the plug-ins folder and everything works fine (leaving the components in plug-ins folder and removing VC from arrange page does not resolve issue).
    I've tried every process of elimination, removing all usb, firewire devices, remove all other components, re-install osx, virus os, logic etc etc.I've even tried my virus on another machine (worked fine) and tried another virus on my machine.
    I'm so desperate to get the issue resolved. I am speccing a world tour for a major artist and just would love to be able to confidently back it.

    Any suggestions at all from users/experts would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.
    Mac Pro 8 core early 2008, OSX 10.6.5, Virus TI 4.1.5, Logic 9.1.3