virus B & logic 8

  • Hi

    recheck all your midi+audio connections (Midi Interface out->Virus Midi in........., then check midi channel in your sequencer software and check the midi channel on your virus,
    plus dont forget you have to enable the rec button in the channel where the audiosignal from the synth comes back or at least activate the Input button in logic
    on this channel. You can also try the audition button on your synth to check if you get the audio signal in your system.

    Best wishes and good luck - I hope I could help you :-) :thumbsup:

  • thanks for this, so just to be sure here is out the virsus should be connected:

    Virus MIDI out > Soundcard MIDI in
    Soundcard via Firewire onto my laptop
    M - Audio Keyboard > laptop via USB

    then add new instrument in logic, right?