virus shift key hold

  • i searched around and could not find anything in this regard on the forum, so i decided to make a thread.
    what i purpose is the ability to allow the shift key to be pressed (oh held for a short amount of time, or maybe even a combination of keys) and the shift function would be permanently on, a single press, or keystoke would toggle it off.
    I find it annoying that you must hold the shift key, and have been wanting there to be a toggleable shift key for a while.
    maybe a toggleable function could be implemented in the config menu to allow users to turn the functionality off as well?

  • hi there,thats something I miss too,I found this on youtube but the guy wouldnt respond to my asking how its done.
    I have a cat on my lap that relies on stroking most of the time and can only operate my polar with one hand so theres a bunch of functions I never get to use...seriously I think its a definate must - have for single handed quick editing

  • I second this, a toggle would be great. since there is no LED on the TI itself, a shift icon could appear on the screen, some kind of up arrow or something, to indicate it is engaged

  • Well there is a shift icon on the screen when you hold shift.... look in the bottom right.

    I think a double click on the shift should engage a shift hold and then any click after disables it - there are cases where i've needed a shift hold just cause i only have one hand free - a quick double tap then moving over wouldnt go amiss - maybe it could time out as well, i dunno...