Virus TI Anti-Theft, is it possible?

  • This is something I've been thinking about quite a bit. As my Virus TI is my most expensive possession, and the single most valuable item in my house (unless you take into account the stove, but that isn't something that one could steal!); and it certainly does look like it's expensive, even to untrained eyes, making it a very easy prey if someone were to break into my house to burglarize it, I was wondering if there is the possibility to at least render it unusable if connected to a computer to ever update it. I know it's sort of unlikely that if a Virus TI was stolen the purchaser would probably know what he's buying and therefore even know if it's a stolen property or not, but I think it would be a good feature if the installer, which already checks for the S/N (there's a file on your computer named "Firmwareupdate Virus TI(number) (type) (SERIAL NO)", could stop working if it recognized a stolen S/N communicated to Access. (This is similar to attempting to register an already registered serial number).
    What do you think? And, would it be feasible, or at least plausible?

  • You can get security bolts to make it a little bit harder for the potential thief to get it out of the rack - that is of course only if you have it in a rack in the first place.

  • Or even note down the IP address of who tried to update it once an update was attempted. Would be nice, but a kensington lock slot would have been nice, too...

    I am very twitchy about leaving it up on stage unattended as it (TI desktop) is pretty well sized to pick up and dash off with...

    Does anyone have any other tips for securing a TI Desktop without rack mounting it?