Cubase 5 + Energy XT + Virus Ti... ANYONE?!?!

  • I know this may not be the best place to place this topic, but unsure exactly where else it would fit. I also posted this exact topic on Steinbergs page, but to ensure better view ability, I am posting it here as well.

    Anyone who owns a Virus Ti knows the sheer disappointment of not being able to use its sidechaining capabilities from within any Steinberg based app, this includes 5.1. I have heard that using another application entitled Energy XT you can make this possible. I am desperate to get this feature working, and since Steinberg bluntly stated they will not be supporting this feature natively from within Cubase 5 I guess I am forced to use other methods. I am trying to get Energy XT working with the Virus Ti and Cubase 4/5 yet am at a total loss on what I am doing. It is frustrating to no end, and I can't believe I even have to jump through such hoops on a program I already spent hundreds on which doesn't do what I thought it would when the competition does.

    For those who are using the above combo, something close to it, or at least know what they are doing, can they kindly post up a tutorial on how to get where I need to? I am assuming I need to load the VST3 version of Virus Control yet Energy only lists the VST2 variant, even after including the VST3 folder to its preferences. I assume as well that once Virus control is loaded into Energy XT, I must do all my midi sequencing with Virus Control being loaded from within Energy? I will not be able to load another instance in Cubase and use it how I always have been?

    Total nightmare, and totally unnecessary if you ask me. If anyone can sort me out, please do. I would really appreciate it.

    I heard another app called Bidule can do the same. If you want to chime in on that please do. Getting those Virus Filters going on my tracks is a must. Damn you Steinberg anyways....

  • hm...not a bad idea you probably mean to use energy XT and Cubase together with Rewire?

    you could do this but the problem is VC only opens up in 1 Sequencer, so you can do sidechain in energy xt but you cant play synths from virus in cubase at the same time, you could ony if you had 2 virus or vc would be able to open multiple

  • Hi Derrick S, thank you for your reply.

    Yes, I do mean to use Energy XT from within Cubase. I understand Energy XT does allow the sidechaining to work with VC, so using it from within Cubase allows me to have the best of both worlds. I figured I would not be able to use the synth from within Cubase at the same time, but lots of times I don't use the Virus as a synth from within a project, but would still like to be able to use the Virus to process audio from say Halion. The filters on the virus are top notch and being able to route my drum buss through it would be fantastic. The distortion, character and other effects could be widely used on vocals, guitars, other synths etc. Huge possibilities here that can't be harnessed due to the limitations of Cubase.

    I wonder if Access would be willing to make an FX plugin of VC which doesn't contain the synth aspect, but perhaps just the Filters, FX1 and FX2 tabs so we can process audio on the fly without all these hassles of limitations and technicalities which just get in the way.