ti nearly blew my eardrums.....

  • Ok, so I've never had any problems since I started using ti with logic. Last night upgraded to latest version of TI OS. My monitors are attached to my ti, Obviously the master volume on the virus is turned right down to zero.....
    HOWEVER half way through upgrading the OS, I get a burst of digital mayhem from my speakers, must be at least 110db. Thing is, vc is turned all the way down!!!! My ears hurt for about 5 minutes afterwards....
    first of all, what the hell is happening? how can the virus output such levels with the vc turned down? this is not safe.
    2nd, what is this burst of digital static? what causes it?
    3rd. never before have i had such a clicky poppy sound during general operation from my virus until upgrading.... now its awful....
    what is going on?

  • TI 's volume controller is in the digital domain and must be connected to a mixer if you want your eardrums and your woofers to be safe.
    Many users including me, experienced this noise burst with early OS's (V 1.0 ), the noise was humorously named "satan saws" but nowadays is fixed.
    Download the update again, just in case it was semi-corrupted and try updating the firmware again. TI is a computer and sometimes can behave nasty .

  • Yes, had those too until OS 2.6 - and Access still owes me new tweeters for my loudspeakers because the TI shot them! Of course they never answered to my complaint.... :rolleyes:

    Since these days I always mute the TI channel when powering on/off or updating - and it has its own switchable power outlet since the TI hasn't even got a power switch.

    I think this is a design flaw and should at least be mentioned with a big warning sign in the manual.

    But, oh - it's only a twoandahalfthousand dollar synth - what do you expect... ;)

  • I've had a similar problem with my TI Polar. I'm working with it for nearly a year now, it is a great synth - no question - but these "satan saws" are driving me crazy. :S

    It's not the update of the OS that's making problems - I've always installed the newest version. And even integrated to my cubase it's working fine. But when I'm practicing with my band (and there is only the TI and me ;) - no computers, only speakers) it bursts out these noises (together with a crash) very randomly, the last time yesterday. The noise does not stop until I hold the power buttons down the few seconds to power it down or I immediately disconnect the thing from power supply. Unfortunately more often I have to use the second solution. :-( I cannot narrow the problem down. The only thing I noticed is, that it happens with some instrument patches more often than with others.

    In our band practice room this ugly noise blew with more that a thousand watts on VERY BIG speakers through the whole big building. And you can trust me: that this gives a really big adrenaline thrust and you never ever want to hear this again, aside of the fact that it doesn't make any fun to play with it! Under these circumstances, I haven't the heart to play with my band on a stage. If this happens during a gig, it would be the worst case scenario ever for us!

  • Fdsa4711 - I haven't experienced a satan saw in a long time, and I can't even remember the last time it happened to me in standalone mode. Please - if it happens again, try to note down in as much detail as possible, the status of the TI (single/multi) and the last couple of things you did just before it happened.

    For example - was it just after a patch change? If so, which patches did you change between? Were you playing notes as you changed? Was it a parameter edit? If so, which patch, and which parameter? etc,etc...

    If you then contact support with these details, and include the patch and/or multi (with a sysex dump if it's something you've created yourself), then there's a good chance the bug can be found and duly eradicated. The main thing to remember is, for a bug to be dealt with, it helps enormously if the programmers are able to reproduce it.

  • Yes, you're so right! I'm programmer, too, so I can imaging how much it helps.

    The last time I've heard it, is just a few minutes ago. This time, I've loaded a Cubase project file I've created this day on another computer. During this loading process the error occured. I remember that at this point of time the "Asio DirectX Full Duplex Driver" was still selected instead of the "Virus USB Asio Driver" I have changed to afterwards. After finishing loading the the "satan saws" turned into a noise of a old vinyl player. No further output was possible. After closing the project and restarting the synth it was gone, even after loading the project in the same way. So again not reproducable. :( And this after producing 8 hours at a stretch without any problems before.

    I will test it again tomorrow evening and try to enforce the error and try to document the process as detailed I can.