Still can't get stable click-free performance - please help!

  • ...My question for you is why do you use the Creative ASIO instead of the Virus USB ASIO driver? My understanding is that you cannot use two different ASIO drivers simultaneously--it's a limitation of ASIO implementation. I'm not implying that you are trying to use two drivers at the same time, I'm just noticing that because you have to choose a single driver, you chose to use the Creative ASIO driver. So if you are not using the Virus USB ASIO driver, then you are also not using the intended full feature set of the Virus TI. It's not really fair to say you have a 'golden setup' if you aren't utilizing the Virus USB ASIO driver.
    It's great your setup works, though--thanks for sharing.

    #1 You do not need to use the Virus ASIO driver to use the USB inputs from the Virus - the VST handles them.
    #2 I use the Creative ASIO driver to get all the analogue inputs from that sound card,too.
    #3 If you use ASIO4All you can, in effect, load multiple ASIO drivers held under one umbrella ASIO driver - But I wouldn't recommend it unless you have a very good reason to.

    I am making full use of the Virus feature set whilst also using the Creative ASIO driver - I'm curious, who said you must use the Virus ASIO driver to do so?

    Unless it's your only good sound card (e.g. laptop or something) I really wouldn't recommend using the Virus ASIO driver, as I hate to say it - it kind of sucks using the Virus whilst using it, use something else if you can.

    Also, that is probably the first time I have seen Sonar (what a messy eye f@#k!)... Is Sonar a supported DAW?

  • How do you record the audio from your TI? Are you using the analog outputs from your Virus and routing them to analog inputs on your Creative sound card?

    Technically, Sonar 7 Producer is supported. So I'm out on a limb when I assume that Sonar 8.5 Producer is also limited. Yes, the UI is a bit cluttered, but if you've used Sonar since the early Cakewalk days, you've gotten used to them adding and adding and adding buttons. The newest release of Sonar, Sonar X1 Producer, has a complete UI rework that is much slicker looking. Remember when you first started using your DAW? Well, to me, Cubase, Pro Tools, Logic, etc. all look confusing to us Sonar users. It's all what you're used to. I remember using Fruity Loops back in the day, but still decided on Cakewalk....every DAW has its pros and cons, man. What matters is that you learn one and get good at it.

  • OK, arguments about DAWs are scarcely relevant here (although the version support is kinda relevant) - but I liked FL Studio specifically for the streamlined GUI.


    Days gone by I used the analogue outputs to record - mainly because I started with OS1 and using VC wasn't a viable option as the USB ins were glitchy and such (many retakes because of pops, etc.) - come to think of it, I'm not even sure if they were available at all back then...

    Now I use the S/PDIF output and USB 1/2/3 to record - using the S/PDIF as a kind of monitor, too, especially if I'm not using VC when on a quick light project.

    I can't tell you how to set up the USB outs on sonar having never used it before, but there should be a demo project included there for you...

  • Now I use the S/PDIF output and USB 1/2/3 to record - using the S/PDIF as a kind of monitor, too, especially if I'm not using VC when on a quick light project.

    I agree, DAW wars (and even OS wars) are really a matter of taste. I use Linux/Mac/Windows/BSD as OS's, and use/have used Sonar/FL/Cubase/Audacity/Audition as DAWs, and each has served its purpose. There seem to be so many people who hate this version of Windows, or they hate Apple, or they like this DAW but hate that DAW....I just love all software (when it works). I remember Fruity Loops being fun as heck...alas, I just don't have the time to keep up with it all. If I could afford it, I'd buy every DAW there was and run them under every OS. LOL!

    The reason I asked if you use the Virus USB ASIO driver is because it is marketed as being "sample accurate." Is your setup sample accurate? So if I understand your setup, you use the Virus USB for MIDI input and record via the Virus USB digital audio? Or do you also record the SPDIF, in addition to monitoring the SPDIF? How is the latency with that setup? Do you have to adjust anything noticibly or is it adjusted automatically?

    I didn't realize you could record digital audio via USB from the Virus without using the Virus USB ASIO driver. I'd like to give that a shot, but I don't understand how you can get digital audio from the Virus USB without using the Virus USB ASIO drivers while using the Creative ASIO drivers...can you explain that one? Do you use that "umbrella" software so you can use two ASIO drivers simultaneously? Oddly enough, there's no demo for Sonar.

  • The Virus Control plug-in will take care of that :)
    You can use your own sound-card/audio interface as main card - with its own drivers. As long as you use VC the audio will still be streamed flawlessly via USB. I think THAT is marketed as "sample accurate", not the ASIO drivers which still depend on the CPU you're using.

    If you don't have a good sound-card it's good to use the Virus as such. If you do have one, there's very little need to change it.

  • When I use the TI the Virus seems to get more and more unstable. I experience clicks, arpeggiators running out of sync and when it gets worse stuck or missing notes and flickering lights. The TI plugin doesn't show any errors.

    For two weeks I had the same problems with clicks, pops and arp-out of sync-problems. I checked everything from sound card options, Asio drivers, USB ports to DAW options, but nothing helped.
    Suddenly I've solved this problem and it was so easy (for me):
    I realized that in Virus Control the Live-Mode was switched on. If you start the sequencer now, you can't switch the Live mode off, and the button goes grey, to show you that you can not switch the Live mode off. What I thought was, that the Live mode is deactivated when the sequncer is running, but that's probably not true.
    So, I stopped the seq, turned off the Live mode and finally started again the seq and voila, no sound and arp-out of sync-problems anymore. I cant' promise you that this procedure helps you, but what I can say is, that I've solved the problems on this way. Perhaps you have switched on the Live mode in your VC?

    Please give it a try and let me know!
    Marcel (Düsseldorf)

  • Could you post about this in my "Get your Virus TI running smoothly on your setup" thread in tips and tricks? Useful one to add - mentioning that live mode gets you a SHORTER but VARIABLE delay wheras live mode off gives you a LONGER but FIXED delay...

  • I realized that in Virus Control the Live-Mode was switched on...

    Hi Marcel,
    Thanks for chiming in - no, it's not the "LIVE"-Mode unfortunately.

    Yep, it's really frustrating having to "fine tune" your system! I don't have an unusual setup and besides that I'm working as system administrator for the Mac/Pro Tools platform for a big broadcaster and I think I know what I'm doing! ;)
    So, I've got all our Pro Tools and even picky PlugIns up and running day after day, but it seems I fail at the TI. :rolleyes:
    When I find the time to, I'm going to set up a fresh system and fresh install of Logic just for the TI, strip down my system to minimal hardware and then hit support again...

    (Thanks, Marc, for the offer - I will come back to that)
    Best regards,

  • Hi!
    It's a pity that I could not help you with the Live mode tip.
    Perhaps I should mention my system, DAW and settings:

    I use Win XP 32-bit. I wanna use WIN 7 64-bit, but my Emagic AMT8 Midi Intercface is not supported by this.
    The DAW is Ableton Live 8.13 - Be sure to have the latency compensation turned on.
    Sometimes I use Cubase 5. No problems here, too.
    As audio interface mostly I use a Korg Zero 8, because of the ability to record 8 stereo parts simultaneously, but the latency is not good (33ms, in and out together)
    Using a M-Audio Firewire 1814 Audio Interface works also great as well as using the integrated Virus TI sound card.
    The sample buffer is 512, everything lesser causes pops, clicks and out of sync probs if I use a lot of audio channels.

    Yes, of course! I'll post the hint in your thread.


  • Yes, my problems with the TI polar are finally solved!

    How? Well, I sold the bugger! :D:D:D

    Now I'm happy with my MS-20 and my Minimoog and the nice Arturia Plugins and can go back to actually making music.

    The times of Hardware Synths are over (except for vintage analog stuff of course!)

    Cheers, Jesper

  • The times of hardware are certainly NOT over...plenty of great hardware on the market, including the Virus..its the software (as a plugin) that lets it (the Virus) down in my experience..the actual synth itself is better than any plugin on the market! ...IMHO :thumbsup:

  • USB power management is what caused clicking/popping for me - (pcs it goes under the name of USB selective suspend, don't know about macs)

    Should USB Selective support be disabled or enabled?

  • Excuse me for this intervention but the fact that you "just bought it" means to me that you've not even had the time to try and fix the situation. The TI isn't a magical piece of hardware that can be used in whatever computer situation. Like every USB device that streams lots of data, (Sound Cards, Graphic Acquisition Cards, Video streaming) it needs a correct setup in order to work. There's a whole document called the Setup Guide which guides the user through correcting bandwidth issues and sharing USB ports which I highly suggest you read. The high price of a Virus TI also comes with one of the best support services I've met in my "customer" life. Very quick and precise in addressing user troubles. You can contact it through the form on the main website…ontact_and_resources.html

    Rest assured that other users like me aren't having fun of those of us who have problems with their system but can do very little to help in such situations when there's more complaining that actual data to work on, for example the system's full specs.

    Oh piss off, you patronizing twit. Your condescension wouldn't be so annoying if your underlying point wasn't so idiotic. No one is expecting their TI to operate "magically." They do expect a $3,000 synth to actually work as advertised, however - something that the Virus TI does not do reliably for a large percentage of users.

    Is it really expecting so much to plug something in and have it just work? What if someone said, "Well, electricity is this complicated thing and you need to 'prepare' the wiring in your house before you can reasonably expect the Virus to turn on when you plug it in." You would laugh them out of the room.

    Why should audio and MIDI communication be any different? - something that works perfectly well on almost every other well-designed, professional musical device? You should be able to plug the Virus in to your USB port and have the audio & MIDI simply work, just like the power does when you plug the unit into the wall. After all, practically every other USB device on the planet just works when you plug it in to your computer (after installing any necessary drivers of course). That's why it's called "plug and play."

    The fact that you can't do this with the Virus points to a fundamental flaw in its design.

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  • Good for you! :-) More people should flip Access the "virtual bird" (by selling their TI) and then maybe the company would be more motivated to develop a standalone MIDI editor version of Virus Control that actually works.

    Regarding your comment that the era of hardware synths is over, I really wish I could get rid of ALL my hardware synths. But in addition to the analog stuff (Prophet '08 rack, Pulse, MKS-50, Matrix-1000,) there are digital synths like my Nord Racks (1 and 3,) MicroWave, etc.that sound totally unique and can't be replaced by plug-ins (at least not currently). Even my XV-5080 can't really be replaced by any single plug-in (although the combination of Kontakt and Omnisphere probably sounds better and can arguably do a lot more).

    Anyway, enjoy the MS-20 and Minimoog. You definitely made the right choice, IMO.

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    Computer: Core i7-970 3.20 GHz Hexacore, ASUS P6X58-E PRO, ATI FirePro 2460 quad head, RME RayDAT w/4x Alesis AI3, 2x MOTU MIDI Express 128, Cubase 7.5

  • i am well aware pointless critisimn has no place on any set up is still far from perfect..but i do the best i can...just want to say good for you for vocalising what a lot of people are thinking.