Marc, can you confirm whether or not Cubase 6 finally supports sidechaining into the Virus Ti?

  • I have searched, read and asked for the past couple days on this and nothing is mentioned, not even a trace. Cubase 6 really seems exactly like 5 except for a few tweaks and additions. So much is still missing that I really hoped would be in there such as better window handling, sidechaining into VST instruments (speculation but I would bet my left nut I am right on this), full colouring of channel strips in the mixer, the moving of channel strips freely in the mixer, copying and pasting of pads in Groove Agent One etc. Little things that I really hate about Cubase 5 now but don't think they will be fixed in 6 either. I am seriously debating even upgrading to 6 as all the new features seems to pertain to live recording/editing of bands etc that I do nothing of. The new scaling of automation data, learn mode of quick controls and the hopefully better sounding timestretching is about all I think I will get from this new version.

  • Haven't looked into this properly, however, I believe this is still not supported by SB....maybe Cubase7++ :/

    I think there is a workaround in Cubase 5 (and that would also include C6) but have never looked at it. Set the VIrus up as an external instrument and use the cubase audio configuration to work around. This however would mean that you would be using the Virus as a Midi instrument and the external audio I/O's rather than the USB.

    Someone else can chime in here...