Writing automation in Cubase makes Virus patches go crazy (Solved)

  • I can't figure this problem out. I've been enjoying the Virus TI2 for several weeks now and this keeps coming up in Cubase with Virus loaded as a single VST.

    When I attempt to "write" automation, many times this will destroy any patch I'm working with by setting the LFO mod amounts and other settings to crazy values. Even in a new project, when I write automation, or sometimes stop and start playback too quickly, the LFO modulation for OSC1 and OSC2 (for example) will become instantly set all the way to -100%.

    Let me know if anyone needs more information!

  • I think I was able to figure out the problem finally.

    I have a Novation Remote controller with transport buttons, and using them affects the active MIDI channel going into the Virus. So, pressing "Stop" appears to send a CC value of 0 to LFO1->OSC1, and "Play" sets LFO->OSC2 to 0. I'm still working on a solution since this doesn't happen with any other VST softsynths,