Who here uses the Virus TI as an audio interface?

  • Who here uses the Virus TI as an audio interface? 21

    1. I use a full Virus TI Desktop/Polar/Keyboard as an audio interface (5) 24%
    2. I use Virus TI snow as an audio interface (1) 5%
    3. I use a third party interface (15) 71%

    I usually use an old Focusrite Saffire but believe despite being unbalanced the snow actually sounds more open and clearer than the focusrite, anyone else prefer to use the TI rather than a soundcard they had before?

    I don't do much recording so preamps are not a necessity, if I was doing a lot of vocal recording then I'd need them however for basic sequencing I feel the snow does the job.

  • I use an old external soundcard (Terratec Phase26 USB), but only because the Virus hasn't enough inputs for my other instruments, I would love to use it as a soundcard (even because I think it works better with USB audio).
    I bought too many soundcards until now, never satisfied.
    The only thing to do now is waiting and buy a MOTU when I'll be millionaire. LoL.

    Cheers =D

  • with all the other gear i have there is no way i would use the TI as a soundcard. i need another MOTU as it is now because i need more inputs.

  • ok I'm fairly new with my virus...and I was wondering if I don't use my virus as my interface ( as the virus recommended ) how do I go about reconfiguring my audio preference and buffer size and such ...by the way I in using logic 8..I'm currently using a fast track pro but will be buying an appogee duet soon

  • I have an M-audio firewire 410 and am still using it as the interface.

    Saying that i have only had my Virus for a day and i only need 1 in and 2 out at the moment so may consider selling it and just using the virus.

    Any suggestions? :D