Unwanted and unexplained distortion in signal chain (aka is there a limiter in Virus Im not aware of ?)

  • Hi all

    Like title says, I get a lot of harsh distortion when playing preset NinthHvnSV (RAM-A/11th preset) and I have noticed the volume never exceeds -3.4db (in Logic studio 9). Actually when signal reaches this volume it starts to go harsh on me and by observing volume channel meter I can almost tell something is brick-limiting it.

    What could that be ?


  • but that only lowers the volume, limiting and harshness still occur. Volume patch was left at default value (96), I actually raised it to max (127) and it went better since I didn't have to hit the keys so hard to achieve some audible level I was satisfied with. Than I lowered it to 60 and it was still limiting but at lower levels :-\

  • If reducing Patch Volume doesn't reduce the distortion, you should try reducing Oscillator Volume instead.

    About -20 should be enough for this particular patch.

  • reducing OSC Volume does help, but still Id like to know why the hell is this distortion present ? Is this a bug perhaps ? Whats bricklimitting the volume ?

    Maybe overall OSCs amplitude causes it, but theres no way I can tell since there is no volume level monitor available in Virus.

    btw how can I lower the volume for only OSC 1 or OSC 2 ? OSC Volume lowers only overall level