Addition of Envelope(s)

  • Hello and thank you for building an incredible synthesizer.

    I have been using it for about 1/2 a year now and it sits next to my Blofeld.

    The only thing I wish for on the Virus is the addition of an extra Envelope (or 2) because they add so much flexibility tot he overall modulation of any sound. The Blofeld has 2 extra Envelopes which can be one shot or Looped (fantastic idea and the uses are too vast to mention). If the Virus added a few and inculded each envelope stage in the modulation section, the sonic possibilities of the Virus would go from the millions to the billions.

    I know others must have requested this feature but I would liek to add my 2 cents.

    Thanks again for making such an incredible synth...

  • I have asked for this too! My DSI Tetras and the Mopho can loop the 3rd envelope and it is amazing what can be done with it. Plus many other synths that i have had/have.

    +1 here!