notes recorded in time, when played back they are moved forward

  • Hi
    I'm using my Virus in Logic Pro 8 with VC installed, when I am recording a track using the virus keyboard as an input the notes are played in time, but when I look back at the MIDI that is recorded all the notes are moved slightly before the line they were hit on.

    I used to think this was my bad keyboard playing, and the fact I'm used to synth action keyboards, but I've tested it a few times now and I am definitely not the problem.

    I don't have this problem when I use my Mac qwerty keyboard to input notes, nor when I use my drum machine via MIDI through my M-Audio Fast Track ultra USB.

    I've checked all the settings in Logic to do with MIDI delays and so on, but they are all set to 0. The fact the notes are being moved forwards in time suggests the opposite of latency, but I don't know what it could be.

    I'm pretty sure it is something to do with my virus as I've never had any problems like this with other equipment.
    My virus is plugged into a usb 2 socket directly into the back of my mac, no extension cables or splitters

    can anyone help please?It's getting pretty annoying trying to record with it now


  • The same problem occurs in Cubase when 'emulated' MIDI inputs are used. I'm not sure about Macs and Logic, but with Cubase the solution is to force Cubase to ignore the port filter so you can see the non-emulated inputs. This gets rid of the horrible pre-delayed MIDI problem. Maybe there is a similar option or setting in Logic?