• Hello mates.

    I am interested in creation my own categories to maintain fast search. Is it possible to create my own categories in OS 4. That feature is very usable.

    Or for existing categories, that would be useful to categorize inside a bank and not the whole bank environment.

  • there are three "favourite" categories which were intended to be used as custom categories. those are not being used by the patches in the rom section. unfortunately naming you own categories will not be possible due to internal restrictions.
    hth marc

    Well what I did is

    I created abbreviations for patches like: ST-strings, PD-pads, PL-plucks etc. So patch name inside bank looks like PD-Andromeda. Then I use function sort alphabetically to place patches in order
    ST,LD,PL, etc. That helps navigating inside bank, for banks environment navigation CATEGORIES are useful. So this trick means I need to listen to every patch in a bank, rename it and place CATEGORY tag. That makes sense for fast workflow finding source sound to tweak it then. All is IMHO.

  • I physically went in to my Patches Folder in the Access Music Folder and Create new empty folder and give it a name e.g. "SJR's Trance Leads" it appears in the Personal Patch Banks section, i'm away from my Virus so if this is a bit vague, let me know and ill update when i get back to my virus!

    SJR :)