Oscillator Phase Shifter ??

  • I bought this great called "How to make Noise", by Simon Cann, in some section of this book theres some kiind of printed examples of hoe to program diffrent sounds to get use to the effect that oscillators make and im a little confused here with "Phase of Oscillators". Suposelly i have to put the phase in 90 degrees so how im i suppose to do that with the PW parameter inside the OSC panel or Phase Int?? Is there a Phase shifting Parameter how is it mesuared?? Thanks for the help!! :P

  • there is an oscillator phase parameter, it's in one of the pages - it isn't calibrated so i don't know what the range is, it will either be 0-pi or 0-just shy of 2pi, but you can find out by setting up two sines for each osc with no detune and play with the control, when it disappears you have 180 degree (or pi) phase shift.