modulation for osc wave select/wave table problem

  • Hi
    this as been bugging me for quite a while,
    it seems that the modulation for the osc wave select works only in classic mode,
    it doesn't work for any of the other osc type modes. in the other osc types(wavetable, wavePWM, Grain and format) it's calles osc wave table.
    for example lets say i want to send an lfo to the wavetable while in WavePWM mode, it doesn't work!! that's strange to me and i'm wondering is this only my virus or is it normal behaviuor?
    appreciate any replay,

  • i'll try to ask again in diffrent words in hope for any respond,
    is it possible ito modulate the wave table with lfo, velocity, arp input, etc (i'm reffering to all oscilator modes except classic and hypersaw),
    can someone tell me if it's working for him :wacko:

  • Thanks BC,
    it's good to know this is normal and it doesn't work for everyone :thumbdown:
    hope Access will make it possible to modulate wave table in future updates,
    in the meantime i'll work on my drawing skills in Cubase :)