Virus TI II and Logic 9 on a Mac Pro : not all virus pistes are heard when playing several pistes together

  • Hi guys!

    I'm not a real expert about settings... when everything is working well I'm all right, but I'm lost as soon as something doesn't work. I don't have any musical or technical background...

    I have a Mac Pro and I'm using my virus as my main audio interface. I'm working with Logic 9.

    As I'm attending private piano lessons and wanted to do some work with my piano teacher, I exported all midi files of my project and put them in cubase 5 on my old pc laptop. We did some great work with my teacher. After the lesson I exported again the midi files into Logic.

    In my project, when several pistes of the virus are playing together, I can only hear 2 pistes well, the others aren't played or are badly played, which means I have to mute some piste in order to hear the piste well. Then I can only work two pistes at the same time... but I need to work 5 of them.

    I have to say that all pistes are heard when playing together on my laptop and on cubase 5...

    I assume the problem is linked to Logic 9 and that I need to change some settings... but I'm lost with all those settings, I don't understand most of them.

    I try to play the "demo song" which comes with the Virus plugin and it works well, I can hear all pistes playing together with no disruption. I thought it might be because of the number of pistes in my project (about 56). So I exported again all midi files linked to Virus pistes to a new project, and I used the same presets... again not all tracks are played together and I have to mute some of them if I want to hear them.

    I'm sorry, English is not my mother-tongue and it's quite difficult to explain this clearly... I hope you understand what I mean. This is quite frustrating not to be able to listen to all pistes at the same time... I invested a lot of money on my new Mac Pro, now it's not working with my new gears and on my old PC laptop everything is working...

    thanks in advance for your help


    Jean from Switzerland

    ps: if somebody speaks French, I can be more accurate with my explanation...

  • By pistes I asume you mean parts? What you are experiencing is running out of polyphony & is not a problem with logic, just the virus running out of processing power. Although there are 16 parts in VC you will run out of dsp long before you get to 16. Realistically 2-4 parts are usually all it is capable of before note stealing occurs.



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