To Send MIDI sync or not to Send MIDI sync, that is the question.

  • Hello,
    Midi Clock should not be send to the Virus TI if the Virus TI Control plugin is in use, since the Virus receives tempo information through the plugin anyway. In fact it can actually cause more harm than it could help, as the unit would receive Midi Clock twice then.
    This would only be necessary if the Virus TI Control plugin is not used.

    Best wishes,
    Jörg Hüttner

  • thanks i was experimenting.

    i see timing and sync has much improved since ableton live 8.2.2 and the last two ti os updates. especially at the start of playback which used to take a few attempts before it settled down.
    now only occasionally i find some arps go off that use swing but i dont use this much anyway.

    i find 'live' mode in vc for live is vital for steady timing.

    also, i found if i set the midi track timing settings in live to a minus value for each part corresponding to the audio in latency time in mSec
    it really works well and stays synced reliably. that is sending the arp parts thru usb and leads/pads through the analog outs.

  • as jörg says, plug-ins receive their timing information elsewhere. you don't need to enable midi sync clock for the virus ti / virus control.
    best, marc

    yes with a mac snow leopard and macboock pro 2011 and Ableton Live 8
    it is impossible to synchronize patch and use the virus ti
    Connextion no need to click ignore detextion
    the message button on the virus not seen by the vsti
    it'll give anything with my beautiful lion who synt not work with my brand new mac
    the bug still bug I disabuse ;(