Screen Re-Draw Issues more Severe with Latest OS.

  • On pro tools, the VC screen is not re-drawing and nothing can be visibly changed on the screen of the plug-in - this was after installing to the new latest OS just now. severe screen re-draw problems - there were a few of these problems before with the previous OS... but it only happened when the VC plug-in was on my laptop's screen but not on the extended monitor - now with the new OS there is no pixel response on the VC window when on either monitor now. LOL. buffer size was adjusted between 128 to 256 to 512 - and nothing but grey window.

  • now I have just gone through the Tarekith optimizations for XP as well as the Avid Reccommended ones - totally optimizing the machine further - but the Virus Control screen is still turning grey after a few attempts at pressing tabs and knobs which do not repond.... the whole VC window turns grey. Before when i first installed the latest OS today but did not do the optimizations, you would have to move the window out of the screen views and back in to see the next tab clicked on or any changes - but there is nothing reacting on the screen when clicking or dragging... the change is definetly made - but this is very much a hindrance for obvious reasons. There is simply no screen refreshing only in the VC plug-in at the moment... there is sound but no visual correspondence in VC.

    Please strongly advise.

  • SP2. In addition, as per my support emails, i keep getting the diagnosatic screen upon opening VC in either new sessions or ones trying to open in existing sessions. This is probabily because I tried to now go back to a previous version of the OS. It says the software is a mismatch to the hardware. but the software installed was and the hardware says this upon starting it.... and so does the dpm file. throughout the process there was mismatches i noticed in these but now ive re-installed everything is the same and still same diagnostic. I tried deleting digidesign databases but still. VC says the current version is