Please Give me some answers on this piece of junk.

  • This is so agravating when people attempt to give instructions off the top of their head and without tryin g to follow their own instructions to verifi their meaning.


    You know, I think you just fed us a lot bull for fun to see how much of peoples time you could waist. So, ha ha ha, you won. But don't worry, the Access manual has got you beat by far in waisting my time. HaHa Ha!

    Please forgive the author of that two-year-old post you quoted for not being familiar with your personal setup and experience level.

    Many (probably most) people who offer assistance here are doing so while away from their gear, in their spare time. Also. not every person giving advice has time to write a complete step-by-step tutorial- and not every person requesting advice needs one.

    It's weird how hostile you are towards a stranger from the past who was trying to help a totally different user who may not have needed all the details you currently demand. If you need more information, just ask. You don't need to go around attacking the people you're soliciting for help.

  • I've been everywhere on the web, and found no workable answers. The V-TI device brings out my hostility after 7 years of these dead end leads.

    It can be said that the reason why the manual is not straight forward and/or not complete is because they know the V-TI is not stable. (The manual is so focussed on what the sound will do, that it seems to cater to people who can't hear and need an in depth understanding of what they are missing and will never truly know). So, it had to be written as if it to make you feel awed and inept; that it must be your competence that is in question and not the hard/software. That's how they are getting away with it for so many years. They make step-by-step tutorial videos of only the processes that actually work: Stuff like Automizer, Vocoder, etc, they only say and show the end product of what it can do for some. Don't you just love a manual that tells you, that in order it do this, all's have to do is that, but they don't tell you how to get there until 3 chapters later. . . Oops, that was only wishful thinking on my part. They never inform you how to get there or do it in any manual, i.e. 1) How to turn Local Off; 2) How to get the Analog outs & Headphone jack to work after disconnecting USB; 3) How to set up setup Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase and Ableton for all thing VIRUS-TI (Vocoder; Atomizer; Gating; Side-chain Compression; MIDI Automation with Analog Outs).

    The Virus TI manual is a game for people who love complicated puzzles, until they find out the major pieces are missing. I already have a hobby making music with no free time for puzzles other than putting music together. This puzzle however has lasted for years of continuous time waisting. Asking for a rock solid answer on this forum is intimidating for fear of a wrong, time-waisting solution. PLUS, not expected to be correctly answered for another five years after I'm dead.

    Notwithstanding, I value my TI enough to keep it just for the sound only. Thank you Access for that at least. Actually, it's kind of hard to trash something you paid $2,356.00 dollars for. Let's see, 2005/6 minimum wage was about $6 to $7 dollars + 8 hrs a day, 5 days a week, 4 weeks a month, - rent, food and clothing, x 1 year, + waiting in line for my V-TI to be hand made and shipped from Germany, AND THIS IS WHAT I GET?!! I have to go to Virus Anonymous meetings now just so in hopes I'm able to let go of the material thing. Yah, you're having a good laugh over there at Access. If I could just figure out how to use the analog outs with the recorded MIDI, I'll be cured. I wouldn't' be surprised if the Illuminati put you guys up to this.