Hardstyle Screech

  • I'd like to bump this thread... and ask if anyone has any tips on creating those Hardstyle screeches.

    I've compiled a sample of various screeches from 3 different hardstyle tracks:

    It's not really distortion. I've tried applying VC's various distortions (like "curry" or "digital" or "rate reducer") to different sounds, but they only make the sound dirtier and lo-fi, which is not what I want...

    Any tips would be *greatly* appreciated... thanks.

  • Well, it looks like all these screeches are based on hypersaw. Fatten it up, detune it, add another on the other oscillator, detune between the two, maybe add a detuned oscillator 3, maybe apply some FM, maybe add some chorus/phaser effect. Distortion is not necessarily bad, just make sure there is no high cut, and even add some high boost. In the youtube link of the OP, a rate reducer effect pops up once in a while.
    The secret weapon is to eliminate the fundamental harmonic using a high pass filter. You can make the highpass filter key following, so that its effect would be relative to the pitch. Another thing I've noticed is the ascending pitch on attack and/or descending pitch on release. This can be done by modulating the pitch from the filter envelope although you might have to re-tune your oscillators because of this.

  • Try using the Matrix, I used 4 slots: 1 for the LFO to modulate it at around 1/64 and 3 for the envelopes. Filter envelopes in the filters tab are also important, try setting a slow attack so it builds up with the pitch. You have to mess around the VC, it's far from being easy but the results are nothing but spectacular. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qTFK6gooAE, Headhunterz's Headshot screech is my fave.

    Hard Driver has an excellent tutorial on his Facebook page, he used Sylenth1 but it's worth watching! Michel Pollen (Producer with Luc van Veghel on 'The Pitcher') made a short tutorial with the Virus TI, I love The Pitcher and their work on screeches is absolutely stunning. Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJPr8T5dxyM, follow up episode is 06.

    HS screeches use the same pattern: LFO modulation, opened cutoff envelope, pitch envelope, very detuned oscillators, lots and lots of reverb, distortion and lots of Mid and High frequencies.