how to create this sound?

  • Sounds like a simple square with a short FILTER and AMP attack (not 0 but low) also a short decay to give it that round feel run it through an arp set to 16 or 32. but modulate the cutoff so as it plays each note the filter opens up slightly. just play single notes.

    Andy R

  • Hi Andy, thanks for the reply i did try that but it doesn't sound even close, i here what your saying though there is a kinda fast filter sweap at the start of each note and it sounds like an upwards arp and quite a wet delay. Heres the settings for my attempt.....

    Osc1 formant complex
    wavetable Sqr series
    wavetable index = 0
    F-Shift 0
    F-spread 0
    Detune 50
    Interpol 127
    Osc Pitch 0

    Filter 1 low pass
    Cutoff 0
    Filter Res 27
    Filter Bal 0
    Env Amt 100
    Env Att 27
    Env sus 100
    Env Rel 20

    Amp Env
    Att 40
    sus 100
    Slop -49
    Rel 10

    Filter 2 High Pass
    Cutoff 36

    Lfo 1
    Rate 30
    Lfo wave 14
    Trg Phase 1
    Contour -64

    Lfo 2
    Rate 63
    Lfo wave Triangle
    Trg Phase 1
    Env Mode on
    Lfo 2 Assign Osc 1 WT Index Assign Amount 100

    Mod Matrix
    source Lfo 1 Bipolar
    Slot 1 Amount -64 set to Osc 1 F shift
    if you do try this set virus keyboard transpose -24 and play the lowest G
    and play very short notes

    These are just ruff settings but it does kinda sound like it..... Thanks John