Optiv & BTK Inception bass

  • I'll have to review how I've made some nasty Bass sounds with my Virus TI when I get home from work, I struggled at first but I still find my Virus loads easier to get phat sounds out of than the NI synths. I still like the NI synths though..

  • I'll try, but I can't promise anything, the Virus is not an 8 operator FM synth... it hardly has one carrier and one modulator, but maybe I'll be able to trick your ears. The problem is that the linked track is very busy (not that I am surprised, we are dealing with D'n'B after all), so I'll have to guess that you are not referring to the sub-bass or the buzz at the end.

  • I decided not to go for FM entirely. I took 1 (supposedly) pure square wave, from the wavetable "square series" at index 0, portamento 71 with mono mode 4, put it through SER6 linked bandpass filters (same center freq of course), and finally through distortion FX, namely saffire at 100% mix, ~66% drive, ~45% tone and no high cut. As a matter of fact, I even added some high EQ, killed lots of MID and used the pad opener character (for stereo image and less mid content than bass enhance).
    The tricky part was the animation: I used the filter envelope with an attack/decay only shape, both at around 75-80, and then used the modulation matrix to shorten attack as the key is struck harder, to recreate the first note of the riff that goes "Ahhhw" while the rest go "waw": so velocity on --> filter env attack at -36. Of course you can use the mod wheel or some other automation instead. Therefore, while the filter cutoff baseline is at 0, apply ~55% of envelope amount on the filter, and that's about it. Hit the keys hard to create the "Ahhw", softly to create the "waw", and use the portamento for the glides.

  • felun prolix - sawhead is one of my fav tunes atm. link

    anyway, nice suggestions here, flabberbob i will try your osc settings later.

    (personally i dont use fx from virus before my filter because my filter is dual-mono.. so i wouldnt use stereospreader, pad opener etc. but i add proper flange/chorus fx etc for stereo widening when i resample)

  • Definitely an FM8 in that Freezeframe track and difficult to replicate that FM tone without using FM synthesis.

    I think i can hear that the actual FM patch itself in its unprocessed state is pretty straightforward. My best guess is most of the modulation and character is done using layers of effects after FM8 then sampling and cutting up the interesting parts, again a steep task to acheive via synthesis alone, even on FM8 without hitting undesirable artifacts, noise and distortion.

  • Re sampling is something I've not done a massive amount of yet, but I'm interested in the idea, if nothing else it means I can take my outboard gear sounds onto my laptop when I'm out and about etc..

    Out of curiosity, how do you guys go about your re sampling techniques?