"Dark Star" Low C# key clunking oddly

  • I just opened the box on my new Dark Star and noticed that the low C# note makes a metalic clunk with I hit it.

    None of the other keys do this. It sounds a bit like it is striking the metal work of the housing.

    I tried another Dark Star on display at the local shop and it also did the same thing.

    Not sure if this is a problem or normal. Could someone please fill me in?

    (I tried to search for this issue but imagine how many hits one gets when typing "key sound strange" or "key metalic noise" on a synthesizer site) :)

  • Hello,
    This is definitely not normal. Not exactly sure what might be causing this, but this definitely should not happen right out of the box.
    I recommend to get in touch with the music shop to get this serviced or send me an email to

    support [at] access-music.de

    to get this sorted.

    Best wishes,
    Jörg Hüttner