are the sounds on Ti SNOW RAM & ROM similar!??!?!

  • I just bought my first Virus Ti snow

    few days ago from "Just music" Berlin and since then i've been playing

    around with it. After sometime i noticed that the sounds (patches) on

    the RAM and the ROM banks are more or less the same (Duplicates), so i

    was wondering if i copied them by mistake from ROM to RAM or do they

    come like that , same sounds in both places originally from the

    Factory !!!! If i did that by mistake, then can you please let me know

    how to restore the original RAM patches again. Otherwise if this is

    the way Ti snow comes (same sounds on both Banks RAM & ROM) and since

    i am not a great synth programmer and i am not good in making original

    sounds myself and storing them on my Snow. as i prefer to use sounds

    made by professional sound makers , so can you please let me know

    where can i find original good sound effects and motion patches and

    how to install them on my RAM patches?

    thank you so much for your help

    It's great to start owning a Virus


  • AFAIK When you first get your Virus all the patches in the RAM banks can be found in the ROM banks, you can replace the patches in the RAM banks with any of your own patches or download a whole load of patches from here, select "Virus TI Series" from the first drop down then "Sounds & Patches" from the next.

    You can't change the ROM banks.