TIOS has been released

  • every time when i open project with virus plugin the "SYNCING MEMORY WITH VIRUS" start and i need to wait about 10 minutes for this process, how to avoid this?(Logic 9.1.5,10.6.8)

    try the following:

    - launch Virus Control Center
    - update the virus the latest version (although it is on the latest version)

    reboot and the problem will be gone. if that doesn't help, please contact access support.
    cheers, marc

  • I just updated and wish I hadn't - something is up - all I get from the USB outputs is either silence when using the Virus ASIO or static noisy sounds when using my Kore interface unless I select the D button and bypass it, and even then the latency is dreadful and the sync just as bad. I'm not sure if the drivers were even updated during install

  • Sometimes no news is good news!
    Seriously, if this thread goes 2 weeks with no confirmable bugs the Access team should get drunk and celebrate! Gotta say it's looking good so far.

  • My only grumble right now is the soft knob aftertouch destination not pointing to anything, other than that everything seems ok. If the guys can connect that aftertouch up to something then I suppose they could go for a beer ;)

  • After installation of 4.5.3 with uninstallation of 4.1, every note of any patch causes crackles from USB Audio of TI Snow on Windows 7 SP1 32 bit regardless of DAWs or Audio I/Fs. The USB Audio became utterly unusable after the upgrade. Output of Left/Phone is fine. USB cable is connected directly to PC without hub. Downgrade to 4.1 doesn't resolve the situation. VC constantly claims that buffer size is strange, although the size is 256 smps on ASIO4ALL for on-board PC audio chip or 128/256/512 smps on ASIO Driver of M-Audio Ultra 8R. My PC is i5-760 with 4G RAM. My DAW is FL10. But the same symtom can be seen with Standalone VSTi Host of Steinberg.
    This symptom doesn`t occur between the same TI Snow and my note PC of Windows XP SP3. No cracles between the TI Snow of OS 4.5 and my Win XP note.

    After install Windows 7 SP1 from scratch, the crackles have gone away.

  • Keep getting this message:

    "Virus TI has discovered a setup problem. The host is using an odd audio
    interface buffer size which causes communication problems. Please
    adjust the buffer size to any of the following sample values instead:
    64, 128, 256, 512."

    hoped the official version would get rid of that problem, but it does'nt.

    My soundcard does not adjust its buffer by sample values, it adjusts in ms.
    I know that there are other soundcards that adjust in ms too.

    Obviously, it's a fault from the virus software.
    Please fix it.

  • Dear Access .. that message needs to have a box for "do not show me this message again"! Either that, or have it only come up the first time VC runs.

  • it is not a fault of the virus software. it is a warning for a potential compatibility issue which was there all the time. you might run into problems when you use buffer sizes which are not a power of two. this is also true for other plug-ins by the way, not only virus control.

  • Software that tells me to adjust something that just can't be adjustet, I regard as faulty.

    "... which was there all the time"
    Quite sad, Access thinks a problem would be ok, if they just keep it running for long enough.

    "... this is also true for other plug-ins by the way, not only virus control."
    I have dozens of plug-ins and never encountered a problem like that.