Independent volume control of osc 1 and osc 2 and cross-fader curve

  • I think it would ease sound design if oscillators 1 & 2 had independent volume controls before the mix stage. Especially with the wavetables, some oscillators have quite different apparent volumes.

    Also, it would be nice to be able to change the way the crossfader blends between the two (crossfader curve). It sounds to me that in the middle position both oscillators are at full volume, meaning that a patch modulating the crossfader will rise and fall in volume.

    Unless, of course, anyone has any tricks to compensate? :)

  • you can get any combinations of volumes you want statically by working the osc balance (for any ratio) and the osc volume dial (to get the absolute), and ultimately the patch volume control. If the loudness is changing as you crossfade in a way you dont want you might consider linking a control to both the osc mix and a fixed value linked to osc volume which will take the loudness for osc1 and the loudness for osc2, make them the same, then interpolate as you crossfade... if that makes any sense...