Where are the files stored?

  • On page 12 of the Control Tutorial, it says the Virus patches are stored here:

    /LibraryApplication Support/Access Music/Virus TI/Patches

    For some reason I don't have an Access Music folder in Application Support (or anywhere on the Mac for that matter).


  • I have left my crystal ball at home but I assume you are running a Mac. If the driver installed correctly you should have two 'Access Music' folders. One in /Applications and one in /Library/Application Support. If you don't have them reinstall the driver.

  • Hello!

    On a Mac, you may have two or more "Application Support" locations. The main one will be on your OS hard drive @ /Library/Application Support (which is where you are likely to find your Access Music folder), and one will be in your User folders @ /Users/BlahUser/Library/Application Support (which will probably not have an Access Music folder.) :)