Just what I was looking for!

  • Hi, greetings from Mexico, these forums are great! One of the reasons I bought my virus was to share all the knowledge going on with different Virus owners, here will the job be done!

    I make techno/ tech house, my attempt is to use samples as less as I can, usually I do everything with my beautiful beast, from the bottom to the top, I've owned the virus for over a year and I'm pleased in loads of aspects, but I still say "I'm like a 15 year older trying to do a 35er" :wacko:


  • Wow ..Mexico ...thats sound cool to me while sitting here in good old boring Germany ....but thanks God and Internet .... Communication to the rest of the Planet is just a " Click " away .


  • Ha Ha, good old boring Germany!! I'd love to spend some years of my life there actually, I've been there a few times, lovely people you are! and well the Party..... WooooouuuUUU!!

    Cheers fella!! :thumbsup:

  • ..see.... that is what I am talking about ..your " WouuuuuUuuuww" is much bigger and brighter than our tiney " wouw " . Yeah ... that is something you can`t buy , it is in the Bllood . We are used to do things from the Brain ...not all of us ...but lots ... ....Ok so , we invented the Virus .....and you have the Fun with it . :-) . a little excuse for staying here .

  • haha yeah I know what you mean, you invented the virus and many others, we invented tequila and many ways of blowing our heads with it at a short age. It's natural you feel atracted by Mexico and I by Germany, the interesting bit is how the mixure of the two worlds can bring something wicked to life... at least some music for christ sake!

    Party animalness + Deep thinking = ????