How Can I do a bass like this with the virus?


    Hi everyone :D

    In these days I tried to do a bass like this for my personal training...but believe me,It's very difficult for me at the moment...

    I tried to open the multi timbral mode In virus,with 3 basslines 2 mid/High mid and 1 low...

    But It's impressive,I failed and re-failed.

    Is anyone can help me and say me some tricks to do bass like this?...

    Thansk! :love:

  • The main character of the bass sound in the track that you posted is the fact that the lowpass filter is set very low. This makes it hard to guess what the original oscillator waveform was, but I would put my bets on a sawtooth. So lowpass filter it heavily with a SER6 routing, if you want it to have a little punch, use the filter envelope to give it a little spike in the attack/decay steps. The next step is to sweeten the bass, and this should be done in the mixing stage, because you need to hear the other instruments as well, but for practicing purposes, you can use the onboard EQ and find a spot where the mid EQ's freq., Q and gain make it the most juicy.
    Moving back to the track, at times there is some higher frequency content playing the same note. I don't believe that this is the previous bass sound with the filter opening up. This is just a different sound with some highpass filtering and lowpass filtering at a higher frequency. For this sound I'd choose hypersaw as the raw oscillator, the highpass can be done by either one of the main filters, or by the low onboard EQ. I think the spike making the sound punch, as discussed in the previous paragraph, is more evident (meaning decay is slower) in this "upper layer".
    Good luck!

  • ...Thanks Man for the infos...

    It's very difficult to create at the moment tricks like this for me,but with some pratice,Slowly, It's not impossible :D

    thanks for the info,very appreciated.

    Federico from Italy