Has Access and its users gone to sleep?

  • No recent reports of "major broblems" with Virus??? i for one am happy... no other issues out there?

    Just a great big "thumbs up for Access team" as i know they get more negative than positive feedback....

    Thanks for your efforts and patience guys!! :thumbsup: (Especially Marc!... well done my friend....)

    And a happy Xmas to you all!.. heres to next year, hope you have a prosperous New year at Access!

  • Wrong!!!!!!!! I bought the Virus-TI in 2005/06 for the wonderful sound demonstrated in analog mode. I'm still waiting for an update that eliminates the popping and crackling while in USB mode so I don't have to consecutively/double/ or triple record my songs on same tracks, and then listen to each same song to chose the one with the less crackling garbage. Makes me wonder what I really should have bought for $2,300.00 dollars. I would of all ways like to feel that there is nothing much better than Virus TI, but with all that poppin' and cracklin', everything is better than the Virus-TI. Yha right, that's why I'm still hanging on to it. I have some faith left that the Access Team is going to eventually address this problem. I believe I payed for a quality sound that they actually refuse to let me have.

  • musaicsong : Did you make sure that the USB port you are using does not share its bus with other, on-board devices? And remember, for rendering, you can always work in stand alone mode: burn your selected patches for the song onto an empty ROM bank, connect your intrface's MIDI out to the Virus' MIDI in, and the Virus' S/PDIF out to your interface's S/PDIF in (or use the analog inputs if you don't have one).