Celtic fusion project

  • I use my Virus in a lot of film scores, but lately I've returned to the world of live music. My band (well, duo really) is called Ghost Estate, and you can hear us and see a couple live videos at: http://www.facebook.com/ghostestate (www.ghostestatemusic.com coming soon).

    Virginia's background is in classical music (former professional opera singer and violinist), mine is in electronica and folk. The first three songs we've recorded have been traditional Celtic songs (two Scottish and one Irish, for the curious), but we have some originals in the works as well.

    Gear setup is as follows:

    EMU XL-7 - sequencing and drums (occasional pad or lead, as needed)
    Virus TI - synths (occasional drums) and instrument processing
    Mountain Dulcimer
    Guitar (the three songs are done on a Jay Turser electric 12, though the two I'm hoping to finish this weekend are on an Ibanez 6. Will probably pull out the SG at some point, but just want to use the two live).

    In addition to vocals, Virginia is playing a Wood electric violin on "Rosalyn Castle" (and more in the future).

    If you listen, let me know what you think!

  • ...and a bit of a further update. We've released our debut EP, and we're starting to get some radio play out of it. You can hear the entire EP at the facebook page, or on YouTube (www.youtube.com/user/GhostEstateMusic) Oh, and if you like it, the EP is for sale at the usual spots (Amazon, iTunes, CDBaby, etc):

    Next steps, more radio play, reviews and some live shows starting in June!