We need a place to share MIDI Control Templates

  • if you don't mind, just send them to support and we will include them with future updates.

    best, marc

    and wait months for them. sorry but a swap shop sounds perfect for this

    just re read this and its sounds a bit bitter. SORRY

  • nobody stops anybody from opening a swap shop. including them with an update just ensures that _everybody_ can use setting files, not only a few people how know.

    best, marc

  • nobody stops anybody from opening a swap shop. including them with an update just ensures that _everybody_ can use setting files.

    Marc - That's missing the point, what I was requesting was not for 3rd party swap shops. They could easily come and go as the person loses interest, and then the links go dead. Seen it happen time & time again on other music related forums.

    It would be very nice for you to have an FTP setup (as brindle Q suggested). Maybe make a new section on your forum called MIDI Templates. Put up a sticky with the link to your FTP. After which any user submitted links for MIDI Templates could be put onto this FTP server. That way it ensures no dead links in the future. User links go down all the time as a lot of people use unreliable free sharing services like send space and the likes, but with an FTP backup from you guys... all will be good.

    However it is nice to see you suggest sending them to support so that the best ones would be included in your updates. Whats your email address? All I see is a form on your website for when I click "Contact Us" on this form there is no way to attach a file.

    With the way you've suggested you've also got to bear in mind that there's a number of ways one could go about creating a template for a VST/Device. One way might work well for some but another person might create a template in a different style that works for others. For example we may end up with 3 or more templates by different people for Omnisphere. If they were included in updates you might not be able to include all of the user templates created.

    With a swap shop setup for us the creator can explain what he's done in a forum post / provide a link. Then the end user can pick the best template suited for them. You've already got a nice little community going for sharing sound design, why not the same for MIDI templates?

    Would be nice that way, I'm sure you all agree.