Hooking up Access Virus TI2 to Roland MC-909

  • usually virus output to mc input!!! and select mix-in button on your mc-909
    change the input setting from mc-909 sample section
    if you want to use mc as your sequencer you have to change midi out to ext on your mc mixer

  • Its still not working for me so I will give you a step by step of what I did.

    1. I connected the input of the MC-909 R/L mono mic to the output 3 L/R of the Virus

    2. I went into the mix in menu of the MC-909 selected microphone and than on and still no sound out of the Virus

    3.Midi out is connected to the midi in of the Virus. Would the midi in of the MC-909 be connected to the midi out of my soundcard.

    For midi how would I connect it to my sound-card via MC-909 and virus for a good sync? Would still having my Virus connected USB still cause issues?

    Thanks for the help!

  • 1-if you're using virus standalone first of all you have to config your parts output. (For now connect your main out or headphone out of virus to your mc input).just for test
    2-it doesn't need select microphone on mc ,select line input.
    3-turn on mix-in and then go to mc sample menu then look at vu bar!!!
    4-also turn half away your input mc knob.

  • I got sound out of the virus on to the MC just some other small issues

    1. I did connect the headphones output of the virus to the MC-909

    2. I only get sound of the first part. When I try it with the second part I don't get sound out of the virus

    3. and is there anyway to not get the sound of the int patch in the background

    thanks again!

    How do I find the VU bar?

  • I only have answers to some of your questions since I'm not familiar with the MC:

    • First of all, while the Virus responds to 16 MIDI channels, it only has 3 L/R audio out pairs, all are balanced +4db 1/4", and should go to similar ins.
    • You can select which MIDI channel outputs to which audio out in the multi menu. You should first change the Virus mode to multi - press the "multi" button, so that the LED above it lights. Now, browse the multi menu (I think that's shift+single) until you find the output assignment option.
    • The headphone out is shared with out1 but it is not balanced, so it has worse S/N ratio.
    • When you connect the Virus to the computer via USB, the functions of the MIDI ports change, the Virus will not respond to the MC.
    • I don't know exactly what you meant, but in any case, a VU bar (or meter) is that line of LEDs that is mostly green and red at the top and shows how loud the sound is.

    Hope this helps.

  • ok sound good you get signal from virus
    mc just has one analog input it means all your virus part will play from virus ti out 1/2 and should be connect to a stereo input
    so you didn't mention what is your daw or do you want to use mc as your sequencer??!!!(please tell me what is yours)****
    anyway when you play virus, all 16 part will out from virus 1/2 output so now you have output signal which means you connect your output any recorder or your mc!!!!

    VU BAR(METER) it's placed on sample menu on input setting where you select input like microphone!!!!

    so tell me what is your sequencer and where your mid is playing!!!! :)

  • Okay, flying by the seat of my pants here (sold my 909 a few years back), but I do something fairly similar with the sequencer I use now (XL7).

    Go to part mode, and make sure the parts you don't want the 909 to generate sound for are set to EXT (sequencer mode...INT plays the 909, EXT plays whatever's on MIDI out and BOTH plays...well...both). Make sure your Virus is set to multi-mode (and you'll probably want to mute the channels that you aren't using on the Virus...14-16 in your example). I seem to recall the 909 have a "soft-thru" setting if you are using your computer as a sequencer.

    That should take care of #3.

    The VU I *think* you get to in Sample mode, but there's also a meter if you switch to the Mastering Effect.

    As for part 2 playing on the virus, again, make sure the Virus is in multi-mode. If you're trying to get sound using the keys (well, pads) on the 909, make sure that you've selected part 2. The pads only work for the selected channel.

    Again, my 909 skills are rusty, but I hope this helps!

  • @ discodeer

    JoshL is right .
    when you're using live or logic you can play midi note by your daw.
    then you have to record virus audio to mc-909 as usual

    but from your first post .it does mean you want use mc-909 as your midi sequencer. so follow the joshl post ,
    press patch/sample button on your mc-909 then you see all parts there is a column(seq) which you can change part 1-13 seq mode from INT to EXT.
    connect mc midi out to virus midi in then press multimode button on your virus ...
    write some note on your mc parts 1 to 13 then you will hear voice from your virus...

  • I went to Patch sample of my MC-909 changed ext for seq for parts 1-13

    I than hooked my midi out of my 909 to the midi in of my virus and my mc-909's midi out to the midi in of my soundcard

    I went to my virus and held down the button for multimode pressed shift+ single and I could not find the output button. I have my 1/4 inch jacks connected to the back of L/R output 2 of my Virus.

    This seems so complicated I am understanding it little by little.Trying my best to do so. Thanks for your patience and help!