Working in sequencer mode without Virus Control

  • Hi,

    I am trying to find a way to bypass the Virus Control in a newer macbook as it is not working as it should.
    Instead I am working in Sequencer mode, sending MIDI through USB and audio through the analog outputs 1 and 2.
    This mode seems to work ok but when editing patches the effects don't seem to work. Apart from the delay. This works
    but all the rest (reverb, EQs, Distortion etc) have no effect on the patch in this mode. Am I missing something here?

    Moreover, when I browsing different patches from the banks of the Virus they don't seem to apply.
    I can initialise a patch. This is done automatically when I am creating a new External MIDI instrument in Logic. And then all the knobs on the Virus seem to do what they should but choosing a preset patch will not make any change.

    Please anybody with an idea just advice. I have been struggling with virus VC for more than 2 months with no result and I don't want to go through it again.


  • How do you go about trying to use the effects? Do you send MIDI CC's or turn the onboard knobs? In the latter case do you make sure to increase the "amount" as well as the effect parameters?
    Regarding the patches, how do you select the patch? from inside logic or from the Virus panel? In the latter case, make sure that the part selected on the LCD screen, is in fact the destination of the MIDI track.

  • flabberbob

    thanks for the reply. I do not know much about midi routing, so I do not exactly know what to reply to you. So far, I have managed to route different tracks on logic arrange on different sounds coming from the Virus. I know I can do that to up to 16 different sounds.

    Then, if I choose one of the tracks in logic and start tweeking the knobs on my Virus, then there is communication and all is working fine. The delay effect as well. Then I try to move the distortion knob , or the reverb and nothing happens. Do I need extra MIDI routing for that? Everything seems to work fine for all the rest of the parameters.

    For browsing patches: I do it on the Virus LCD screen. I do not know how to do this inside Logic. I choose a patch oon Virus and all the LEDs on the virus are changing (as they should) but this has no effect on the sound coming from the Virus. If I tweak a knob however there are results on the sound, but the patch on the LCD does not apply. Do I need special routing setting for that too?

    I would assume that once each logic track listens to a different sound coming from Virus and most of the knobs work then it would be logical to expect the effects and the patches to work as well. Like if I had the Virus on single mode for that track.

    I don't know if I managed to help you help me. I hope you have more ideas on that. Or if you could guide me through it or send me a link somewhere where it is written how to set it properly, I would be glad. The Virus manual doens't say anything about this.


  • I think I have a good idea regarding what happens with the patch change. If you look at the virus, near the top right corner of the LCD screen, there is a pair of buttons that's called "< part >". When you press either of them, you can scroll up and down the set of 16 MIDI channels to which the Virus responds. It's just a matter of finding out to which MIDI channel each of the MIDI tracks in Logic sends its data and notes. Once you know that, you just go to the correct part on the Virus and change to the correct patch there. The other way is to send patch/bank change MIDI messages from each track. The reason the knobs always work is because each MIDI track you arm is in "omni" mode, meaning that when you turn a knob, the MIDI CC-s which correspond to that knob are sent to Logic and are intercepted by the armed track, and the track makes them its own, even if they are sent for another MIDI channel.

    Here's a little post regarding MIDI channels in Logic:

    Regarding the effects, you'll see that each effect has more then one knob controlling it. Try to turn all of the knobs to learn how they influence the effect.

    There is also a manual by Access for working with Logic:…s%20TI%20with%20Logic%207 it should have come with your installation documentation along with a sample project.

  • flabberbob,

    you were absolutely right. I had the wrong part chosen on the Virus LCD screen. When I made sure that the part I am tweeking knobs for agrees with the track in Logic then all effects play as they should and I am able to apply patches now.

    You were great help, thanks!