Soft Knob and MIDI CC

  • Hello,

    I am desperately trying to find a MIDI CC for the Osc1 F-Shift parameter. The manual (which manual? there is only a reference) mentions Page A, which - I guessed so far - describes all MIDI CCs. Unfortunately Osc1 F-Shift is not included.
    If you want to test, load the preset RAM-A 109 (Termen AV) and move the Value 3 soft knob. Your MIDI software should read some sysex messages now. I checked the settings, Midi Control, Page A, says Controller Data. Found out this setting affects other knobs (e.g. filters). But the Value 3 knob, which controls Osc1 F-Shift, keeps sending sysex.

    I prefer a MIDI CC because I can "paint" it in the DAW software.
    Any ideas?

    Now there is the modulators matrix. I could assign some CC to Osc1 F-Shift, and knob 3 to that CC. But I prefer not to modify patches. Instead, I prefer to set parameters via MIDI.

    ps: why was my account from 1 year ago deleted?

    pps: I found that the above parameter is available in automation. But then I need to use the plugin.. ok then. :)