Virus Effeckt Plugin

  • yeh i agree, ive thought that would be a pretty nifty addtion, if you could load up a virus TI effects rack on any VST or Audio channel and use the reverbs, delays, all other effects and even an atomizer on that same channel, it would be amazing!!! whilst at the same time, still being able to use the Virus TI synth too!!! :D

    also id like to see a MIX knob "DRY/WET" for effects such as reverb and delay that use "SENDS" as i feel you can get more control with your effects amount this way, this may just be my personal opinion, but ive always preffered to use INSERTS instead of SENDS on my DAW's "Cubase" and "Ableton"

    So the choice of using a DRY/WET knob OR a SEND Amount Knob for each effect unit would be great :) (am i asking to much now?) it would be pretty cool if you changed the waveshaper on the virus so that you can actually open up a GUI just for the Waveshaper which will display the waveform you are currently using on whichever OSC you are using, and you should be able to grab parts of the waveform and shape them yourself!!! :) also being able to import your own waveforms to use and also mangle with the OSC functions wave shaper and effects etc etc. would be great!


    these are the biggest features that would really get me foaming at the mouth ;) :P


  • and besides this - all the "VST3 / Sequencer not being capable of sidechaining VST Instruments" (see cubase) problems would be gone for virus users

  • and besides this - all the "VST3 / Sequencer not being capable of sidechaining VST Instruments" (see cubase) problems would be gone for virus users

    Woah. Is this really true Marc? If you guys made a dedicated plugin just for the FX/Filters/ARP section etc of the Virus, could sidechaining then be usd in Cubase since it will no longer be classified as a VSTi?

  • This would be a totally acceptable work around for the drag n drop sample request:) Good up!

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  • I'm not sure how VC works in cubase, (I'm using Live), but I'm more or less doing this now thru enabling the 3 output 1 input option in the common settings, (this disables the Virus' ability to function as a soundcard, but I have another audio interface I use anyway.)

    In live I send my drum master audio track to the Virus TI Snow plugin channel, then use the 4th part as an Effects channel, (by selecting input L + R as the input in the FX tab), then use the filters, envelope follower and FX to tart-up my drums. Works a treat, I lose 1 synth part, but it's worth it. I don't know what benifit a seperate fx plugin would have, as the current arrangement works fine for me. I can even send the FX channel MIDI information from a Seperate MIDI channel in Live, including CC automation etc, (great for Filter Sequences, and whacked-out tape delay effects!)